The water bottle you didn’t know you needed.

I don’t know about you, but I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Traveling, especially getting through airport security, can be annoying with a big stainless steel water bottle. It has to be empty, which makes it lighter, but it’s still so bulky. Trying to take off your shoes and getting your laptop out of your bag while being rushed by the person behind you and watched like a hawk by the TSA agent, can make the whole situation stressful. If you carry your water bottle in your hands instead of your bag, it’s just one more thing to put into the bucket and remove quickly once everything has been scanned. It’s my least favorite part of traveling, but I digress.

I have discovered a wonderful invention, the collapsible water bottle! I’m probably late to the party, but it’s a great new addition to my packing list. Once it’s empty, it can be folded down into something you could slide into your back pocket, if you needed to quickly get moving. This particular bottle is also flat which means it’s not going to roll away from you if you set it down on your transportation of choice and it hits a bump. If you know, you know.

If you are like me and always looking for a way to pack lighter, this might be your next best friend. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Collapsible Flat Water Bottle

*Yes, it’s an affiliate link and I will probably make a few cents from your purchase.